Limited competences

Salesmen are requested to sell an always increasing number of products. In order to provide their customers with the proper information, salesmen must play the role of consultant. This is why they need to be extensively and deeply trained/qualified.

Lack of standards

Each salesman uses his own commercial style: as a consequence, the Company presents itself to the customers in different and unpredictable ways. Best practices are used only by a few salesmen.

Limited customers’ acquaintance

Salesmen mainly rely on their personal relationships with customers rather than on their acquaintance. A partial customer acquaintance prevents from proposing tailored offers.

Poor trust

Partial expertise of salesmen prevents them from obtaining full customers’ trust. Oral presentation of complex products makes it difficult for customers to fully understand them.

Content management

Professional contents to precisely answer to any customer’s need.

Reference models

The use of structured models supporting the commercial relationship, enables the salesmen of a Company to adopt a unique and coherent approach.

Customer profiling

The deep knowledge of the customers and of their needs becomes an asset shared between the salesman and the Company. Each customer gets an offer aligned with/meeting his own needs.

Customer experience

Customers get professional information which are in line with their needs. All Company communication channels provide customers with certified and coherent information.

An applicative platform providing the tools needed to support your successful business relations

Company supports salesmen by providing them with business tools and specific contents to build their relation with the Customers.

Salesmen are supported in their customer relations by tools and ad hoc contents.

The Company speaks to the Customers together with the salesman.

Limited competences

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of standards

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Current situation

Salesmen are the pivotal players
in a new innovative path

digitarp solution


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Customers get tailored information and understand the characteristics and the value of the offer.

Updated contents

Customers can choose the offer fitting the most to their needs, thanks to the availability of updated and clearly structured information.

Sales insight

The analysis of the data describing how the platform is used allows to identify the most effective selling models. The best practices become an asset shared among salesmen.

Digital coaching

Coaching and selling activities based on a unique platform help salesmen to be more confident. Coaches and colleagues contribute to the salesmen continuous growing knowledge.

New professional figure

Salesmen are at the heart of a new distribution model. A new professional figure able to attract young talents and to boost expert salesmen activities.