digitarp supports its customers’ sales networks

digitarp guides salesmen in their customer relations
digitarp offers its customers a professional and tailored support
digitarp provides special tools to increase your sales


A real and deep knowledge of your customers is a mandatory step to reach their satisfaction and to maintain a long term valuable relationship.

Tailored relationship

Showing/Explaining to the customers the risks they face and the most adequate investment opportunities; increasing customers’ awareness of their real needs; identifying the most suitable products to reduce risks; taking in consideration the whole offered portfolio. These are some practical steps allowing to build a trusted relationship with your customer as well as your next commercial activities.

Sales network competence

Using competences as a lever to reassure customers and to regain their trust; strengthening commercial activities, playing on salesmen relationship skills and competences; increasing and renewing the sales networks role: these are the tools to actively face the competition on the different commercial channels.

Managing emotional components

Positive expectations on investments and savings and fears for bad events affect customers’ decisions and commercial activities outcome; moreover, the use of a language appropriate to customer characteristics is really important for the managing of emotional components. Today, emotional components are only faced by salesmen, who generally do not have the ability to properly manage them.

Benefits of the new sales paradigm

Implementing commercial targets

The new selling scheme allows salesmen to obtain their customers’ trust

Business meeting optimization

Questions and answers are provided in an easy and effective way, thus facilitating the understanding of complex topics

Commercial communication unity

The whole sales network share the same communication approach. Salesmen add value to the Company communication messages, which cannot change


The exact knowledge of your customers enables new marketing and cross-selling strategies - that’s the way to increase sales and to provide tailored and high quality services to your customers.

Customer profiling

The platform created by digitarp allows you to deeply and accurately know your customers. Customers are profiled through two different kinds of assessment: you first collect general information related to customer’s characteristics; then, further information is collected when a specific risk and its related product are identified. Over time, you get a precise profile of your customer, and this supports both selling and marketing initiatives.

On the fly marketing

A real knowledge of your customers allows you to launch innovative marketing initiatives even while the business meeting is taking place. Such initiatives, unlike traditional ones, are more effective as:

  • They are based on a specific and updated knowledge of your customer
  • They reach your customer exactly while he is facing the object of your offer
  • They reach your customers while they are with your salesman, who can provide further details and can complete the purchase

Cross selling

The platform created by digitarp allows you to adopt a new way to cross sell involving:

  • The company addresses salesmen towards selected type of customers, with a tailored and effective communication
  • The whole sales network use the same selling scheme
  • Systematic use, integrated with daily activities

Benefits of the new marketing paradigm

Support to the relationship with your customers

The solution offered by digitarp supports the relationship with any type of customer, such as Persons, Companies or Professionals

Sales insight

Analysis of how the platform, created by digitarp, is used allows to identify the best commercial practices and to share them among all Users

Customer experience

Customers are guided towards a tailored relationship characterized by a remarkable professionalism and they have the chance to make a conscious choice based on the widest possible set of information